უანგარო მსახურება

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a film by James Higginson

The Georgian Orthodox Monks, living between the mountains and sky, confirm their devotion in relative solitude. We pay homage to their lifestyle and visit these amazingly beautiful remote monastery locations. This documentary film project is currently in progress. We are very excited to return to Georgia to complete the interviews and dialogues in summer of 2014.

DEVOUT, the documentary film directed by James Higginson, will reveal the lives of the monks and devotees living within the monasteries of the Khashuri and Kareli districts in the Urbnisi Eparchy. This region has the largest concentrated number of monasteries in Georgia whose original construction dates back to the 11th century. The film travels to a cliff monastery perched 1700 meters on the side of mountain; through beautiful mountain landscapes and to the small cave which holds the bones of monks murdered in the 14th century. We feel privileged the project has been given a blessing and access to previously unseen(undocumented) special holy sites and this film boasts the first time some of these scenes have been recorded for publication. An assemblage of interviews with the archbishop, priests, monks and devotees is combined with everyday footage that exposes the rituals of the current monastic life. We are inspired by their unwavering devotion, love, and respect and so very excited to bring this reportage to you!