Picture of James Higginson


Director and fine artist James Higginson(Emmy Award, 1989) premiered his first feature length experimental art film, WILLFUL BLINDNESS, a visual experience, in 2012. WILLFUL BLINDNESS received 2 awards on the international independent film festival circuit, premiered in Germany as part of the Neue Deutsche Film Program in Berlin, 2013 and held the Italian Premeire at Palazzo Zenobio during the 55th Venice Biennale, 2013.

Higginson follows this success with the documentary film project, DEVOUT. His work confronts the viewer with arresting images that reveal the unspoken of today's world— the sacred, the profane, the spiritual and the material. The question Higginson consistently addresses is how to tell the stories of which we all are made and addresses issues that expose our human frailty.

Also in development are 2 experimental features, Niki + Alex, that will be shot in Germany, and The Road to Batumi, that will be shot in the country of Georgia.